WSF Men's World Team Squash Championships
Squash on Fire, Washington DC  2019

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About the WSF Men's World Teams

Organised and endorsed by the World Squash Federation, the WSF Men's World Teams takes place every two years (alternating with the Women's event) and brings together up to 32 Nations competing for the title of World Squash Champions.

Teams of three players compete in round robin Pool rounds, leading to a knockout competition for the top sixteen.

Squash ...

Speed and Reflexes

In a game of squash, the ball moves up to 170 mph, and can be played off any wall. Players must react quickly to where the ball will land, and work hard to hit a shot out of their opponent's reach.

Endurance and Focus

Winning is about endurance, shot placement and emotional focus. Can you stay focused and be smart and fit enough to outlast and out-think your opponent?

Healthy and #1

No sport in the world matches the intensity, intelligence and endurance needed to win at squash. In fact, Forbes ranked squash the number one healthiest sport in the world.

Squash on Fire : DC's Squash Capital

Squash On Fire is igniting squash in Washington, D.C. with a new world-class high-end squash facility that is open to all. Centrally located, easily accessible, and with programs designed by award-winning coaches, Squash On Fire is designed from the ground up to be unlike any other squash facility in the DC area.

 "Hosting the WSF Men's World Team Championship at Squash On Fire, is an honor - and that it's is happening in DC is also very exciting. We want to make DC the squash capital of the US, and we can't wait to welcome players from around the world to our game-changing facility."

Squash On Fire Co-Founder Philippe Lanier

"The United States is a very strong and growing squash nation, so it is very fitting that they have the opportunity to host this Championship. I am sure that the visiting teams will have a great experience at the venues and the American capital generally."

WSF President Jacques Fontaine

Squash in the USA

DC becomes Squash's Capital City

Defending Champions : Egypt

2013 : England

2011 : Egypt

2009 : Egypt

2007 : England