WSF Men’s World Teams History

Year, City, Country, Winners, Runners-up

1967, Melbourne, Australia, Australia, Great Britain
1969, Birmingham, England, Australia, Great Britain
1971, Palmerston North, New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain
1973, Johannesburg, South Africa, Australia, Great Britain
1976, Birmingham, England, Great Britain, Pakistan
1977, Toronto, Canada, Pakistan, New Zealand
1979, Brisbane, Australia, Great Britain, Pakistan
1981, Stockholm, Sweden, Pakistan, Australia
1983, Auckland, New Zealand, Pakistan, England
1985, Cairo, Egypt, Pakistan, New Zealand
1987, London, England, Pakistan, New Zealand
1989, Singapore, Singapore, Australia, Pakistan
1991, Helsinki, Finland, Australia, England
1993, Karachi, Pakistan, Pakistan, Australia
1995, Cairo, Egypt, England, Pakistan
1997, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, England, Canada
1999, Cairo, Egypt, Egypt, Wales
2001, Melbourne, Australia, Australia, Egypt
2003, Vienna, Australia, Australia, France
2005, Islamabad, Pakistan, England, Australia
2007, Chennai, India, England, Australia
2009, Odense, Denmark, Egypt, France
2011, Paderborn, Germany, Egypt, England
2013, Mulhouse, France, England, Egypt
2015, Event Cancelled,—,—,—
2017, Marseille, France, Egypt, England
2019, Washington DC, USA,— ,—

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