A Big Press Conference To Announce The Men’s Team World Championship

In the presence of the Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports, Vice President of the International Squash Federation and President of the Egyptian Federation for the game, it was announced at a press conference in Cairo that Egypt will organize the World Squash Championship for men’s teams from December 12-18 next.

Khaled Abdel Aziz, the Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports, stressed that the championship should be held on Al-Ahly stadiums due to the proximity of the squash courts in the Al-Jazira region to each other in Al-Jazira Club, Al-Jazira Youth Center and Cairo Club, unlike Al-Ahly Club, which will facilitate the process of playing and training players of different teams.

Hisham Zaazou , the Egyptian Minister of Tourism, stressed the importance of the tournament for Egypt from a political point of view, and that the presence of such a major sporting event sends a message to the world that Egypt is safe and sound .

Muhammad Al-Minshawi, Vice President of the International Squash Federation, said: “This tournament is the first world championship to be organized in Egypt since the events of the revolutions of January 25 and July 30, and therefore it is important at the tourism level in the abnormal conditions that the entire region is experiencing, and it has a positive impact on the sports level by emphasizing that Egypt is able to organize a tournament like this in less than a month, at the level required by the International Federation.”

He added, “I hope that we will benefit from the presence of this tournament in Egypt, and that it will be covered in the media at the highest level. Indeed, we are currently negotiating with a number of major international channels to transfer the tournament. We do not want to be satisfied with Egypt only. This is a golden opportunity to show the world Egypt in its new dress.”

The tournament was supposed to be organized in Kuwait, but the suspension of Kuwait’s membership in the International Olympic Committee called on the International Squash Federation to grant Egypt the organization of the tournament, and this will be the fourth time for it to organize this great event.