Preliminary list of participating teams

The 23 teams participating in the World Men’s Team Championship, which will be held in Egypt next month, announced their strength, which includes 15 of the 20 players ranked first in the world in the game.

The twenty-fifth edition of the competition will be held for the fourth time in Egypt at Al-Ahly Club stadiums from December 12-18 , and the teams have confirmed their preliminary lists, and the ranking of the teams will be announced on the 30th of November, provided that the final lists of the teams will be announced on the night of the start of the tournament.

The Egyptian national team, the runner-up of the last edition, will participate with a strong list that includes world number one Mohamed El Shorbagy , fourth seed Ramy Ashour , sixth seed Omar Mosaad , in addition to Tariq Moamen , ranked 12th in the world, while defending champion England will be led by world number two Nick Matthew in addition to seed Daryl Selby. 16th and James Willstrop, seeded 24th on the world and Chris Simpson, who participates for the first time.

While the Kuwaiti national team withdrew due to its suspension from the International Olympic Committee, Iraq and Qatar participated for the first time in the history of the tournament.

Argentina , Robertino Pezzotta, Leandro Romelio, Rodrigo Pezzotta, Gonzalo Miranda

Australia , Ryan Caskelly, Cameron Bailey, Rex Hendrick, Stephen Vinetsis

Austria , Achille Reimann, Jacob Dernberger, Florian Mader, Daniel Haider

Canada , Sean Doulier, Nicholas Sackvier, Michael Macchio, Albert Choihit

Colombia , Miguel Rodriguez, Andres Herrera, Eric Herrera, Edgar Ramirez

Egypt , Mohamed El-Shorbagy, Ramy Ashour, Omar Massad, Tarek Moamen

England , Nick Mathew, Daryl Selby, Chris Simpson, James Willstrop

Finland , Olli Tuominen, Henrik Mostunen, Yakko Fahama, Mikko Ianen

France , Gregory Gauthier, Mathieu Castagnier, Gregoi March, Lucas Serme

Germany , Simon Rosner, Raphael Kandra, Jens Schorr, Rudi Röhrmoller

Hong Kong , Max Lee, Liu O, Tz Fung Yip, Ki Hem Wong

India , Saurav Gosal, Mahesh Mangaonkar, Harinder Pal Singh Sandhu, Kush Kumar

Iraq , Rasul Al-Sultani, Muhammad Hassan, Hisham Abdul-Karim Sabeh, Faisal Asim

Malaysia , Naviswan Adnan, Evan Yuen, Sanjay Singh Chal, Muhammad Syfaq Kamal

Mexico , Cesar Salazar, Arturo Salazar, Eric Galvez, Alfredo Avila

New Zealand , Paul Cole, Campbell Grayson, Martin Knight, Evan Williams

Pakistan , Nasir Iqbal, Farhan Zaman, Danish Atlas Khan, Tayyib Aslam

Qatar , Abdullah Muhammad Al-Tamimi, Syed Azlan Amjad, Abdul Rahman Al-Maliki, Abdul Wahhab Al-Ashaq

South Korea , Jaejin Yu, Ko Yongju, Jung Kyung Park, Han Dong Ryu

Scotland , Alan Klein, Greg Le Pen, Douglas Kempsell, Kevin Moran

South Africa , Stephen Coppinger, Sean Le Roa, Clinton Liu, Thubuki Mohohlo

Switzerland , Nicholas Müller, Rico Peter, Benjamin Fischer, Patrick Miescher

United States , Christopher Jordan, Todd Harity, Chris Hanson, Faraz Khan

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