Announcing the men’s world championship groups

The group draw for the World Men’s Team Championship, which will be held in Cairo from December 12-18, has been announced, in which the organizing country’s national team, Egypt, will face Pakistan and the United States of America in Group A.

The Egyptian national team, which will try to recover its lost title in the last edition, will be led by world number one Mohamed El Shorbagy, and the Egyptians will hope that world number four Rami Ashour will recover quickly from the injury that prevented him from participating in the ongoing Hong Kong Championship, in addition to Omar Mosaad and Tariq Moamen, who are ranked Sixth and twelfth globally, respectively.

England, the defending champion, will compete in Group Two with Mexico and Malaysia, as well as Iraq, whose team is participating in the tournament for the first time, such as the Qatari team, which signed in Group F with Germany, India and Finland.

As for France, the runners-up of the 2003 and 2009 tournaments, they will lead Group C, led by new world champion Gregory Gauthier, and the Australian team will be the most crowned team in Group D, and Hong Kong will lead the teams in Group E.

Ranking of teams participating in the tournament: 

1- Egypt, 2- England, 3- France, 4- Australia, 5- Hong Kong, 6- Germany, 7- India, 8- Scotland, 9- South Africa, 10- New Zealand, 11- Mexico, 12- Pakistan, 13- Malaysia, 14- United States, 15- Switzerland, 16- Finland, 17- Canada, 18- Argentina, 19- Colombia, 20- Austria, 21- Qatar, 22- South Korea, 23- Iraq.


Group A, [1] Egypt, [12] Pakistan, [14] the United States Group B, [2] England, [11] Mexico, [13] Malaysia, [23] Iraq Group C, [3] France, [10] New Zealand, [15] Switzerland, [22] South Korea Group D, [4] Australia, [9] South Africa, [18] Argentina, [20] Austria Group E, [5] Hong Kong, [8] Scotland, [17] Canada, [19] Colombia Group F, [6] Germany, [7] India, [16] Finland, [21] Qatar